Exploding Tomatoes and Other Stories: The Food and Flavours of Southern Italy

Sophie Grigson is a cook, food writer and television presenter with over 20 books to her name and 11 television series for BBC, Channel 4 and Discovery. In 2019 she sold, or gave away, most of her belongings and packed herself into her purple car to move to Puglia – the place she now calls home. Driving along the coastal ‘instep’ of southern Italy, Sophie travelled between little fishing ports and explored Puglia’s gay capital, then headed into the wild hills of Basilicata and Calabria’s high Sila famed for its chestnuts and mushrooms. In Exploding Tomatoes she charts the local delicacies, ingredients and producers and through recipes and stories, immerses you in the beauty, culture, food and characters of Southern Italy.




16 Jul 2024




Pavilion Arts Centre

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