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Relax in the Late Night Cafe

Pour yourself a drink and enjoy the sounds of jazz, folk and world music in the intimate surroundings of the Pavilion Cafe.


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The Palace Hotel Buxton Cherry Blossom

Cherry picking traditions from Russia and Japan Cherry-picking, by definition in English at least, is a bit of a brutal affair: grab the best and reject the rest.
But in other cultures, a far more subtle and romantic relationship with the fruit has blossomed, and Buxton International Festival has cherry-picked the best of these for 2019.

The Wall John Lanchester

Half the thrill of books which predict a terrifying future is guessing when the fiction might become reality. George Orwell only gave us 35 years to get ready for 1984, but if you are thinking of reading John Lanchester’s gripping The Wall, do it now before it all comes true.

Perspectives brings together Britain’s foremost thinkers and commentators to discuss some of the defining issues of our age – from Science and AI to Are gender stereotypes damaging our children?

LuciadiLammermoor1979 Buxton Festival

Festival Press officer John Phillips looks back at the year it all began. Buxton Festival hit the headlines with its first opening night in 1979 for all the wrong reasons, but has made history ever since for all the right ones.

Buxton Festival of the Peak

Are you the kind of traveller who prefers eccentric to mainstream, undiscovered to overdone? If so, definitely consider heading to Buxton during Festival season 5-21 July when the town is at its quirky best.