A Buxton International Festival production.

La canterina, ‘The Singing Girl’, is the farcical tale of would-be singer, Gasparina, a money-grabbing minx who is down on her luck. Aided by her friend Apollonia – who is disguised as her mother and rather adept at procuring wealthy suitors for ‘her daughter’ – the tricksters exploit the affections of young callers, one of whom is Gasparina’s lascivious singing teacher.  Rent-free living, money, diamonds and promises flow.  When they are discovered, can they charm their way out of it, and is all forgiven and forgotten?

The two-act opera buffa showcases Haydn’s operatic style, blending wit, charm and melodic invention.  Toby Hession makes his debut in Buxton, conducting the Buxton Chamber Collective. The young cast is led by soprano Jane Burnell.

Based on the intermezzo from Niccolò Piccinni’s opera L’Origille.



Helen Maree Cooper Don Ettore

Jane Burnell Gasparina

Dominic Mattos Apollonia

Jonah Halton Don Pelagio



Toby Hession Conductor

Lysanne Van Overbeek Director

Elliott Squire Designer


The Stage



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11, 18, 20 Jul 2024



Concessions: £10 tickets are available for under 35 year olds who are part of the Friends of BIF's Next Gen Scheme.


Pavilion Arts Centre

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Dates, times & booking

  • Thu 11 Jul 2024 7.15pm - 8.15pm Book
  • Thu 18 Jul 2024 7.15pm - 8.15pm Limited
  • Sat 20 Jul 2024 (Matinee) 2.00pm - 3.00pm Book