Explore Tech at BIF Book Series 2024

If emerging technologies are your thing, this year’s Book Festival welcomes a number of speakers at the forefront of tech, who’ll be sharing their insights and sparking conversations about our digital future. Join us as we explore the fascinating world of artificial intelligence, the phenomenon of randomness and our relationship with technology and how it shapes the world.

All BIF’s book talks are 1-hour long and include a Q&A session, with questions from audience members.  They are followed by a book signing, where you can meet the author.

The Festival’s pop-up Waterstones book shop will be located at the entrance to the Octagon Hall in the Pavilion Gardens. Books from speakers will be available to buy from here, as well as a wide range of other books and gifts.

Timandra Harris

We already know how much of our data is collected and used to profile and target us. The real question is why, knowing all this, do we keep going back for more? Technology creates a world tailored to our needs, and we willingly share our intimate details for ease of navigation. In the ‘Personalised Century,’ we are defined by what we are, not who we are. Timandra Harkness, comedian and statistician, envisions a messier, riskier world, challenging the current trajectory of personalised technology.

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Brian Klass

If you could rewind your life and press play, would it turn out the same? In Fluke, social scientist Brian Klaas explores the impact of random chance and chaos, challenging our tidy view of reality. Drawing on social science, chaos theory, history, biology, and philosophy, Klaas offers a fresh perspective on why things happen, providing lessons on living smarter, being happier, and leading more fulfilling lives.

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For the full BIF 2024 programme, go to buxtonfestival.co.uk/whats-on