Jef Neve introduces his new album with music that takes you on a journey and makes you smile, from Damien Rice to Marvin Gaye along with their own works.  ‘Can you remember that last time you had a great afternoon with friends?’ asks Jef Neve.  ‘That afternoon that you will never forget, because you enjoyed it so much? And then suddenly, in the middle of that afternoon full of laughter and fun, this warm sentiment of happiness overwhelms you? Well, that, exactly that moment when your heart is completely fulfilled, that’s the feeling on which I built this album: That Old Feeling.’


Jef Neve Piano

Monique Harcum Vocals

Sam Merrick Vocals

Nathan Wouters Bass

Jens Bouttery Drums

Teus Nobel Trumpet

Andy Dhondt Saxophone

Pieter Kindt Bass trombone




07 Jul 2024




Jazz at The Palace

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