The Farmer’s Wife

As dawn breaks on the farm, Helen Rebanks makes a mug of tea, relishing the few minutes of quiet before the house stirs. Within the hour the sounds of her husband, James, and their four children will fill the kitchen. There are also six sheepdogs, two ponies, 20 chickens, 50 cattle and 500 sheep to care for. Helen is a farmer’s wife. Hers is a story that is rarely told, despite being one we think we know. Weaving past and present, Helen shares the days that have shaped her and provides a portrait of a Lake District farmhouse that beautifully captures the unsung work of keeping a home and raising a family.


‘Beautiful and very honest’ Caitlin Moran



05 Jul 2024




Pavilion Arts Centre

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  • Fri 5 Jul 2024 4.00pm - 5.00pm Book