“The World Awakens” – a collaborative project by the Multi-Story Orchestra

Prepare for a fresh start with a taster from our new opera oratorio, “Our Future in Your Hands”. “The World Awakens” imagines the world recovering from climate change. Commissioned by Buxton International Festival in collaboration with the Royal Overseas League and the Borletti-Buitoni Trust. This innovative work is set to premiere at Buxton International Festival in July 2022.

Unable to play music together as usual, students from eleven schools, musicians from The Multi-Story Orchestra and 3 opera singers found an alternative way to collaborate and deliver an uplifting message on climate change. Each remotely recorded their part of a newly written piece on a phone or computer, at their school or at home. The footage has now been compiled and edited into a poignant animated video that has been launched on YouTube. Extraordinarily when it launched, on Tuesday 22nd December, it was the first time the musicians and singers were able to see and hear the performance in its entirety.

“This film is a wonderful precursor to what we have to look forward to in July” says BIFs Chief Executive Officer Michael Williams. “The oratorio will provide local young people with an opportunity to raise their voices on the emotive issue of climate change, and to express themselves through music. It’s heartening to see how the young musicians in this film have refused to let the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic get in the way of their music making, and how in looking for alternative solutions they’ve produced something really moving.”

(Please be aware this video contains some flashing imagery).