Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we are most commonly asked. If you need any further information, please do contact us or get in touch with the Box Office.

When does Priority Booking open?

Phone and online bookings open from 10am

Directors Circle, Benefactors, Gold Patrons
Monday 2 March, 10am

Monday 9 March, 10am

Gold Friends
Monday 16 March, 10am

Monday 23 March, 10am

Public Booking
Wednesday 1 April, 10am

Where is my Priority Booking code?

You can find your booking code printed underneath your address on the booking form that was sent to you with your brochure.

What level of Friend am I?

The letters at the start of your booking code will tell you which level of Friend you are:

GPBD Directors Circle, Benefactor, Gold Patron

PTN Patron

GFR Gold Friend

FRD Friend

Who do I write cheques to?

Please make cheques payable to High Peak Theatre Trust

When does the Box Office open?

Monday to Saturday 10am – 6pm, or 8pm if there is a performance in the Opera House.

Sunday closed. Or 4pm – 8pm if there is a performance in the Opera House.

01298 721 90

Online bookings open from 10am