Windrush with Amelia Gentleman and Colin Grant

Sat 19 October 2019

Two books about the Windrush experience offer tales of humour, hope and shocking heartlessness

The Observer book of the week recently reviewed Colin Grant’s Home Coming and Amelia Gentleman’s The Windrush Betrayal. Read the article here.

In her new book The Windrush Betrayal Guardian reporter and Orwell Prize winner Amelia Gentleman describes her research and exposure of the Windrush scandal. Through incredible stories of hardship Amelia revealed deeply disturbing truths about modern Britain which ultimately forced the resignation of the Home Secretary. Amelia Gentleman was named journalist of the year (Press Gazette) and won the 2018 Paul Foot journalism award for her reportage on the, sadly ongoing, story.

Sukhdev Sandhu, Observer writes:

Gentleman’s book contains valuable lessons – about the importance of maintaining paper-based archives, of allowing citizens direct access to officials, and of supporting investigative journalism. It closes with a worrying question: “How will the same department register the 3.5 million EU nationals who will need formal confirmation of their status in the UK after Brexit?”

Commissioned long before the Windrush Scandal broke Colin Grant’s new book Homecoming: Voices of the Windrush Generation draws on decades of research and family connections and looks at the generation who arrived in Britain from the West Indies from the late 40s to the early 60s including many of those on the HMT Empire Windrush. Colin Grant is a historian, Associate Fellow in the Centre for Caribbean Studies and a BBC radio producer. He grew up in Luton in the 1960s to Jamaican parents.

Sukhdev Sandhu, Observer writes:

The dreamers and adventurers who sailed to the UK from the Caribbean after the second world war aren’t getting any younger; their memories need to be kindled and teased out.

Grant is the writer to do justice to their lives.


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