Tabea Debus and Elizabeth Kenny

Mon 12 July 2021

Tabea Debus and Elizabeth Kenny

Recorder and Lute

Lamento di Tristano & Rotta, Ciaconna La Monica or Une jeune fillette

P F Carroubel Spagnolette

Gareth Moorcraft Diaries of the Early Worm

J Dowland Flow my tears

J Gallot Les Castagnettes

G F Handel Lascia ch’io pianga, Jig

Freya Waley-Cohen Caffeine for solo recorder

G P Telemann Sonata in C Major, Cantabile – Allegro – Grave – Vivace

Tabea Debus is one of the most exciting young musicians in the early music world…” Classic FM

Recorder virtuoso Tabea Debus makes her Buxton Festival debut in a performance with lutenist Elizabeth Kenny, performing a programme titled ’Ohrworm’ (Earworm), which explores how tunes and dances wormed their way into many aspects of music-making in seventeenth- and eighteenth- century Europe – and, in traversing the centuries, contemporary compositions testify to the earworm’s secured place in modern life. The programme will include works by Telemann, Johann Schop and Gareth Moorcraft.

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