Solis Trio

Sun 16 July 2023

Horn, Trumpet and Trombone


G Pergolesi (attrib.) ‘Sonata No 4’
O Bohme Prelude and Fugue
F Poulenc Sonata for horn, trumpet and trombone
A Plog Trio for Brass

Solis Trio is a London-based, all female brass ensemble, which formed seven years ago at Wells Cathedral School. Eliza Talman, Meggie Murphy, and Hannah Williams are now studying in the Royal Academy of Music.

They won the Musicians Brass Company Prize in July 2021, and became young artists to the scheme. They have performed at the Lord Mayor’s Big Curry Lunch, The London Marathon and the Frome Festival. They are due to perform as part of the Ferrandou Musique scheme in August 2023.