Sarah Raven and Adam Nicolson

Wed 19 July 2023

Interviewed by Juliet Nicolson

A Year Full of Veg: A Harvest for Every Season

How to Be: Life Lessons from the Early Greeks

Sarah Raven is an author, TV presenter and gardening expert, and is also the force behind a popular online plant nursery. A Year Full of Veg is a practical book about edible beauty, detailing Sarah’s gardening philosophy and with advice on how to get the most beauty and produce out of every square metre.

Sarah is married to award winning author Adam Nicolson, whose new book How to Be: Lessons From the Early Greeks is a reintroduction to our earliest thinkers and a glorious exploration of our connections with the past. Sarah and Adam will be in conversation with social historian (and Adam’s sister) Juliet Nicolson who is currently working on a book on the evolving nature of secrecy in the last 100 years. Very much a family affair who knows where this exploration of personal philosophies may wander.