Roderick Williams

Tue 14 July 2020

Roderick Williams and Susie Allan

Baritone and Piano

G Butterworth Six Songs from A Shropshire Lad

J Ireland Summer Schemes; Great Things; Sea Fever; Youth’s Spring Tribute

P Warlock Walking the Woods; Jillian of Berry; My own country

I Gurney Desire in Spring; Walking Song; Severn Meadows; Captain Stratton’s Fancy

R Vaughan Williams Songs of Travel

B Britten The Ash Grove; The Foggy; Foggy Dew; The Ploughboy; The Salley Gardens

Roderick Williams and Susie Allan met as students and first worked together at the Kathleen Ferrier awards in the 1990s. They learned their trade touring Britain as winners of an NFMS award. Since then they have performed far and wide and have recorded several albums of English song.

This countryside of Great Britain has inspired so many poets and composers to put pen to paper that the term ‘pastoral’ has been coined to describe a certain mode of English expression. This recital programme celebrates some of the very best British music, seeped in rural folk song and tradition.

This event includes an interval.