Dorian Lynskey

Thu 11 July 2019

The Ministry of Truth: The Biography of Orwell’s 1984

1984 isn’t just a novel; it’s a key to understanding the modern world. Big Brother, the Thought Police, Doublethink, Newspeak, 2+2=5 – Orwell’s final masterpiece gains potency and influence with every year. Dorian Lynskey is a writer, author and columnist. His new book examines 1984 and its roots in the utopian and dystopian literature that preceded it; Orwell’s personal experiences in wartime Britain; and the political and cultural phenomena that the novel ignited.

This event would make an excellent companion to John Lanchester on his new dystopian novel The Wall, Gillian Moore on The Rites of Spring or any of our Perspectives events.