Chris Mullin

Mon 17 July 2023

Interviewed by Peter Moore

Didn’t you use to be Chris Mullin? Diaries 2010-2022

‘When I retired from Parliament in April 2010, I ceased keeping a diary, on the assumption that life would no longer be of sufficient interest to justify doing so. It soon became apparent that I was wrong…I am under no illusion, however. Despite the occasional moment in the sunshine, I have never been much more than a fleabite on the body politic. On a visit to Parliament a couple of years after retiring, I came across a former colleague. He peered at me over the top of his glasses and said, ‘Didn’t you Use to be Chris Mullin?’

Picking up where he left off in 2010’s Decline and Fall, Chris returns to BIF with his trademark irreverence and keen eye for the absurd, to chronicle the turbulent last decade.