AMC Gospel Choir

Sun 10 July 2022

A full on Sunday gospel performance with live band. AMC have toured with Hacienda Classical and featured on Songs of Praise and with Manchester Camerata. Foot stomping, on your feet music, with a punchy band and mesmerising singers. Rich and vibrant gospel music with sass, a mixture of Motown and love.

Neil has booked AMC four times and he understands why people love this group and six singers, ‘there is a direct connection between the band and the audience, so many good feelings spread amongst the room. The choice of songs, the love for the expression of joy. Combine the vocals with such great musicians and we have a recipe for success.’

This event is part of the BIF Jazz Weekend Ticket 7-10 July 2022 (priority booking 29 Nov/public booking 6 Dec 2021).

There will be an opportunity to buy day tickets in early 2022.

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