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2020 Buxton International Festival opera dates

Add our 2020 opera dates to your calendar.


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LuciadiLammermoor1979 Buxton Festival

Festival Press officer John Phillips looks back at the year it all began. Buxton Festival hit the headlines with its first opening night in 1979 for all the wrong reasons, but has made history ever since for all the right ones.

Buxton Festival of the Peak

Are you the kind of traveller who prefers eccentric to mainstream, undiscovered to overdone? If so, definitely consider heading to Buxton during Festival season 5-21 July when the town is at its quirky best.

The Rite of Spring

Gillian Moore, the Artistic Director of London’s Southbank Centre, is the perfect guide to steer you through the red mist which descended on the critics of the day in 1913 when the curtain went up on Igor Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring and Modernism was born.

Literary salons Buxton International Festival

Literary salons may be new to the Buxton International Festival but these intimate gatherings, designed to entertain and encourage the exchange of ideas, have been popular since the sixteenth century.

The Red House, Park Road, Buxton

For a small town in the hills, Buxton has a wealth of impressive treasures – the Opera House, the Devonshire Dome, the Octagon, Buxton Crescent to name but a few – but like many historic places, it holds many quieter secrets too. In this post, we’ve listed a few of Buxton’s hidden places.


Nick Robinson is one of today’s foremost political interviewers, and in a unique role reversal event for Buxton International Festival, the seasoned political interviewer has agreed to allow MP and key figure in the Brexit debate, Michael Gove, to give him a grilling in front of a live audience. The interviewer becomes the interviewee…. Robinson