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Purchase your digital Festival Programme for £5

Step by step instructions on how to purchase a digital version of our 40th Anniversary Festival Programme online.


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The Red House, Park Road, Buxton

For a small town in the hills, Buxton has a wealth of impressive treasures – the Opera House, the Devonshire Dome, the Octagon, Buxton Crescent to name but a few – but like many historic places, it holds many quieter secrets too. In this post, we’ve listed a few of Buxton’s hidden places.

Nick Robinson is one of today’s foremost political interviewers, and in a unique role reversal event for Buxton International Festival, the seasoned political interviewer has agreed to allow MP and key figure in the Brexit debate, Michael Gove, to give him a grilling in front of a live audience. The interviewer becomes the interviewee…. Robinson

Buxton Opera House Buxton International Festival

If you’re an art lover who enjoys both town and country, modern and traditional, highbrow and populist then Buxton International Festival is the ideal destination for you. This summertime celebration of the very best opera, music and literature set in the beautiful Peak District is designed to meet the most eclectic of tastes.

Halloumi yellow plum radish bitter leaf salad Khazana Saliha Mahmood Ahmed

We can’t get enough of 2017 Masterchef winner Saliha Mahmood Ahmed’s delicious recipes -taken from her new cookery book Khazana. This healthy and tasty salad is perfect for summer picnics and alfresco dining. If this exciting indo-Persian dish tingles your tastebuds then join Saliha when she shares her culinary inspirations at the Buxton International Festival

Alistair McGowan is best known for his impressions – Boris Johnson, David Beckham and Prince Charles to name a few but in recent years these voices have been somewhat quieted by a newfound success as a classical pianist at the age of 54. “I loved the piano as a child but gave it up when