Michael Gove Nick Robinson

Michael Gove puts Nick Robinson on the spot

Nick Robinson is one of today’s foremost political interviewers, and in a unique role reversal event for Buxton International Festival, the seasoned political interviewer has agreed to allow MP and key figure in the Brexit debate, Michael Gove, to give him a grilling in front of a live audience.

The interviewer becomes the interviewee….

Robinson is currently a presenter of the BBC Radio 4’s flagship news show, the Today programme and was Political Editor at the BBC from 2005-15 and has worked on many BBC news and political programmes, having previously also been Political Editor of ITV News 2002 to 2005. Over his years covering politics he has reported on two general election campaigns, the formation of the first coalition in 75 years and the referendum on Scottish Independence.

Michael Gove, Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and MP for Surrey Heath, is one of the central figures of the Brexit debate and needs no introduction. Interviewed countless times over the past two years, this Buxton event is a unique opportunity to witness a major role reversal when the minister interviews the professional interviewer.

Rt. Hon. Michael Gove MP said “I am very much looking forward to turning the tables on Nick after all the years he’s spent skewering me in broadcast interviews. He is of course one of the best political interviewers of our generation, and it will be fascinating to discover more about the man behind the mic as I get to interview him at this year’s Buxton festival.”

This unique event will take place Fri 19th July 12pm-1pm at the Palace hotel, Buxton. Book your tickets here.