Carnival of Animals Buxton International Festival

A family-friendly day at the Buxton International Festival

The Buxton International Festival is on the horizon and this season is brimming with family-friendly activities and performances to enjoy this season. Get out the diary and save the date for Saturday 13th of July for a day filled with songs and adventures.


Why not start the festival-experience with a creative flair and create your own unique animal mask. To celebrate our upcoming performance of Carnival Of The Animals, The Babbling Vagabonds have put together an amazing mask-making tutorial using bits and pieces you have around the home. Create a beautiful bird or a lovely lion with your kids and let them get creative with the decoration!


Keep hold of your masks!

Make sure to hold on to the mask until Saturday 20th July for Carnival Of The Animals! A fabulous musical performance of the classic piece by produced with the Northern Chamber Orchestra. More information here.

Carnival of Animals Buxton International Festival

Time to head to the first show

Starting at 10:30am is The Orphans of Koombu, an African operatic chamber epic about the uprising of young people against the oppressive towns people who forced them into labour. Featuring secondary school students from seven different schools and groups around Derbyshire, and with a runtime of 90-minutes, the show is ideal for both families and festival-goers who are looking for an exhilarating start to their weekend.

The Orphans of Koombu Buxton International Festival


After all the crafting and singing it’s time for lunch, so why not grab a bite to eat at the Old Hall Hotel, England’s oldest hotel. Selections of sandwiches are available with afternoon tea, or a glass of fizz. For dessert, we recommend grabbing an ice cream from the newly refurbished Pavilion Garden, and going for a play at the park.

Pavilion Gardens

At 1:30pm, the Buxton Carnival begins! Enjoy a spectacle filled with musical performances, costumes, fun fair stands, and much more. Catch the parade winding through the streets and see if you can spot the joint Buxton International Festival and Buxton Festival Fringe float – plus a few surprise animal friends. Grab your masks and join in the festivities.